We have been doing this for a long time now. Construction of homes is not just what we do, it's what we love to do.

About Us

Stocker & Allaire has been in business since 1983. Our projects include restorations of wonderful old Pebble Beach estates, construction of custom homes on difficult and interesting sites and fabrication of exhibits at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In all of our projects, we identify the needs of our clients and work closely with them to see that their needs are met.

Our facilities and staff allow us to firmly control and manage our projects from start to finish.  On projects ranging from simple new homes to restoring some of the most important California Coastal homes, our team successfully brings concept into reality. We have an office staff that can handle the most complicated project management—from tracking down the most elusive products to the clear and accurate billings often needed for large projects.  The craftsmen on our field crews enable us to do everything from detailed restoration work to building complicated modern homes. We also have a complete cabinet shop on site, allowing us to control the quality and the delivery of cabinets and furniture when needed. Our many talents allow us to be as involved in our projects as our clients want and need us to be.

As active members of our community, we have served on both the Pacific Grove and Monterey Planning Commissions. We are active on the Emergency Disaster Inspection Team for the County and work with local building agencies as consultants on their projects. Our involvement with these agencies helps strengthen our knowledge on getting our projects through a sometimes-convoluted system. We are also members of the Green Building Council, attending workshops and conferences to help bring about sustainable building practices in the Monterey area.

Our clients are our business, and our work comes from their referrals. With this in mind, good client relations and satisfaction are goals we strive for. We have built multiple homes for some of our clients, and that sort of relationship only comes from a very high level of trust and satisfaction. Stocker & Allaire has the experience, talent and knowledge needed to make projects run smoothly from inception to completion.


Pre-Construction Services

To produce the best possible project, Stocker & Allaire should be brought in along with the design team. During the design phase, we can help analyze the project for cost and schedule, making suggestions on keeping a maximum quality and minimum cost. Understanding the design intent is critical to this process. Stocker & Allaire can be the lead in all levels of permitting, from the planning stage through the building stage. We are well known throughout the planning and building departments and have the experience to get the project approved.